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Tender Touch Pet Sitting Services

​Tena Schlingmann, CPPS              (914) 582.2666                 tena@tendertouchpetsitting.com

​Tena Schlingmann, CPPS              (914) 582.2666                 tena@tendertouchpetsitting.com

"For the past 6+ months, Tena has been helping us take care of our lab mix puppy while we are at work. Tena has a wonderful way with our wild (yet very lovable!) puppy. Upon their first meeting, Tena very calmly folded her arms and slowly turned her back to our leaping puppy to prevent her from jumping up...just as our trainer had instructed our family to do. It was reassuring to witness Tena's calm, informed approach. She sees the goodness in our pup and reinstates the training methods that have been implemented.  Also, Tena is completely reliable! Everyday she comes to our home 2x providing love, training and exercise... leaving us a written note how our pup did that day. Tena's sense of humor is refreshing... Her notes provide information, act as an effective communication tool and often, comic relief! I would highly recommend Tena/Tender Touch Pet Sitting." Tracey D., Ponte Vedra, FL

"My husband and I have
a15 year old chocolate lab mix.  We lost our black lab in 2012 so we are very careful with Chip Dog.  My husband and I travel a great deal and because of Chip’sage we were concerned about boarding as we have done for years past.  We were really lucky and blessed to find Tena.  She truly loves this animals (and children) and treats Chip like her own.  We even have her join us when Chip is visited by the veterinarian.  And boy, does Chip love her!  While he was excited to see us return from one really long trip I think he was even more excited when Tena visited to check on him.  We are so fortunate.  I would recommend her to all “doggy” moms and dads." Kathy C., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Whenever we travel, I am equally stressed about leaving my two canine babies as I am about packing!  But, when all of us realize that they are going to CampTenaqua (aka Camp Tena), the doggies and I immediately become calm. They adore Tena, almost as much as we do.  She is so upbeat, happy, composed, calm, smart, loving, organized, competent, and almost as learned as our vet! 
Also she gets an A+ in
“listening”!  My babies immediately become her babies and part of her wonderful family. Lucky you to enlist her services!”

Sandy S., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“Tena is very dependable & dedicated to the animals in her care.  She has a special rapport with Gracie & Aggie. Tena began walking and training them after I had an accident & they really look forward to her visits.”

Annette G., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“I think the world of you and so does Mocha! You always go above and beyond the call of duty and we love you for it." Bev B., Rehoboth Beach, DE

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Aspen. She seemed very calm and content; not something I witness after a week in a cage (boarding facility)! I look forward to seeing you again and again." Jeanne B., Rye NY

"We were so pleased with the care of our cats! We loved reading the daily diary and knowing just what they were doing while we were away. Thank you so much for immediately answering our anxious email and even sending pictures. You are a gem and our happy calm cats are a testament to that." Lonnie K., Bethany Beach, DE

"You are the best! I love having a reliable, trustworthy, caring person coming into our home! Thank you for taking such good care of my family and my home while we are working." Joel S, Rye Brook, NY

"Your personal care for our Peewee is above exceptional. You are so flexible and concerned and your willingness to care for her while she was so sick will never be forgotten. Having your wealth of animal knowledge has helped us so many times along the way." Charlotte S. Rye, NY

"All I have to say is "Tena is coming to visit today" and the boys go bananas! It's fantastic to know that after being away, our boys are content and happy instead of freaked-out. The house is always in order and the diary is a brilliant idea." Jeff S., Harrison, NY

"I know Donna is spoiled. But you don't seem to mind. I've had so many other sitters who just gave up on her. Thanks for sticking with us. I truly can't believe you've earned her trust and companionship." Kim P., Rye, NY

"You're amazing!" I still can't believe how far Sonny has come this past year. She no longer jumps, can sit/stay, come, and even heels on the leash. Thank you, Tena - I will recommend you to everyone in town!" Stacey H. Port Chester, NY